Is it possible to turn all debt into real money ?

According to the bank, the world economy is doing great.
because it doesn’t see a difference between money and debt.
It sees the debt of one, as money of another.

So what would happen, if we, as a collective,
would start our own credit bank with higher interests
for any client of  any other bank ever created ?

We would be able to offer the following:

Pay day loans
Bail bonds
Buying of debt

And all with a guarantee of lower interest rates
because all income will be controlled by the collective
so we can use it to help the people get their life on track.

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A home for every generation

By collectively buying and building houses, we can give the youth a home while still making a possible investment out of it.

All homes we build will be up to most modern standards and will be insured by our collective insurance plan.
If homes are not up to modern standards, they will be rebuild.

Depending on which state, will we offer housing complete with greenhouses for growing local produce and possible cannabis growing options, making each home self sufficient yet collective
controlled environment in which the residents have the responsibility to grow the best greens they can.
We will call these houses Green Leaf label houses.

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Interested in living in a Green Leaf label home ? click here