The future of powering our modern world is here !

Even if we were to cover the entire planet with solar panels and windmills, it would not be enough to provide everyone on Earth with enough clean energy to ensure the people a modern lifestyle with every possibility.

However, we have finally created the means to provide the people with clean energy that will last for thousands of years.

The great grail of nuclear fusion is now within reach and we want to inform the public of it’s applications.

No more dangerous nuclear waste or chances of nuclear meltdown

No more hoping for the right sun or wind conditions to provide us with the means to harness power

No more use of rare materials that take much energy to find and mine.

Just pure energy, coming from one of nature’s most known process
for nuclear fusion is known to happen inside the sun.

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Water for life

Every being on Earth needs water to survive.
And clean water is a natural right for anyone in a global society.
Strangly, it’s some of the more modern countries that fail in providing a at least decent quality of water.

We, as a species, have polluted the global waters in more ways than most would dare recognize and if we want to have a future, we will need to take control of how we make use of the element we need the most.

We, as a collective, can invest in ways to provide clean water to any person on the planet by cleaning local waterways and sell bottled water in containers that do not use any form of harmful plastics.

The profits of the bottled water will help create more clean tap water.

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Fossil fuels are coming to an end.
and new technologies are now available to the public
We have the capacity to create our own brands of carbon-negative alternatives that will power our vehicles into the future.

Our own brand of green hydrogen and powered vehicle will use modern technology so we secure that you will have the best driving or flying experience knowing we have used the best quality materials and have made sure the product is tested and proven.


Carbon negative driving or flying

Assured safety thanks to collective control

Possible income out of sales of vehicles and fuel

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An honest political system

Is there a way to make such a thing possible ?

As long as we remember, do we all live in a democracy.
Yet, this form of democracy has never given the people a chance to give their point of view on each topic that affects our daily lives.
Even if we have a vote on a certain topic via referendum, those results will have no leverage over the process of the policy.

Because of this, we as a collective have the opportunity to introduce a new kind of political party.

A political party ruled by the members of the collective
with representatives as speakers and a system of liquid democracy
that allows each member to cast a vote on each policy either to their favorite representative,
or by becoming a personal representative with the possibility of getting followers on your own.
All controlled and checked by each member of the collective.

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The Mass’s Media

Media have helped form our thoughts and opinions for as long as we remember.
However, we have no control when it comes to the programming we receive.
Best we can do is change the channel to one that fit’s our worldview best, leaving out most information and creating a distortion in overal truth.

That is why it should be necessary for us to create our own media production company, which will ensure people a more complete picture of the world today and tomorrow.

By hiring our own journalists and cameracrews locally,
we can bring the information faster to the people who need it most, so they can share it to all.

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